La OIM acoge las medidas ejecutivas del Presidente Joe Biden en materia de migración

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Washington – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) applauds President Joe Biden’s plans to address the drivers of migration and advance safe, orderly and regular migration in the region. These steps will provide a framework to expand refugee resettlement, asylum and protection mechanisms in North and Central America. The administration also outlined its commitment to address the root causes of irregular migration and displacement, explore humane options for vulnerable populations and enhance regular pathways for migration to the United States.

“Those living in conditions of protracted displacement and other vulnerable situations are in dire need of protection and must not be forgotten,” said Luca Dall’Oglio, IOM Chief of Mission in Washington DC.

“IOM is pleased to see that humane and dignified solutions for people on the move are a key priority for the Biden administration.”

As a founding Member State of IOM, the United States has supported the Organization’s mission throughout its history and remains a steadfast partner in addressing humanitarian and migration opportunities and challenges around the globe.

Moving people to safety to start a new life has been at the core of IOM’s work since its establishment in the aftermath of World War II. For decades, IOM has worked closely with governments, non-governmental organizations and other partners to meet the needs of migrants and refugees.

IOM also welcomes the review to reinstitute and improve the Central American Minors Parole Program. The Organization has assisted the United States with case processing, pre-departure health assessments, cultural orientation and transportation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly curtailed human mobility with devastating consequences for people fleeing violence, disasters and insecurity, and searching for a better future elsewhere. Tackling the unparalleled issues of today calls for strengthened cooperation and leadership to ensure the human rights of all people on the move are upheld.

“Migration should be a choice rather than a desperate act to escape precarious situations as we have seen in the region,” said Michele Klein-Solomon, IOM Regional Director for Central and North America and the Caribbean.

“A comprehensive regional solution to facilitate humane migration and bolster development efforts will require scaled-up action and coordination between governments and with inter-governmental entities, United Nations system partners, non-governmental and civil society organizations, the private sector and other critical actors.”

IOM looks forward to working with the Biden administration to protect, assist and identify solutions for mobile populations, to reduce the pressures for involuntary and irregular migration, and to foster the positive opportunities and impacts of regular migration for individuals and their families as well as for the communities and societies with which they are affiliated.


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