Joint Statement of the United Nations System in the Dominican Republic

The United Nations System in the Dominican Republic is aware of the complex situation in Haiti, its potential impact on its neighbor, and the concerns of Dominican society in the face of the worsening crisis. 

It also recognizes the will and actions of the Dominican government to mobilize and request the international community's support to the Haitian authorities and people in the search for solutions and a response to the humanitarian, security, and development dimensions of the crisis.

The United Nations System, recognizing the sovereignty of the Dominican State to apply its border and migration management legislation and policies, has been collaborating for many years to strengthen its migration policy within a framework of rights and in compliance with international standards and conventions. The UN System will continue to support all efforts in this direction. 

However, the United Nations System expresses concern about recent actions by the police authorities in various Dominican regions, which jeopardize the lives of pregnant women seeking or receiving care in health centers and hospitals. These actions do not comply with the process established in national protocols and international conventions and standards, which prohibit the deportation of pregnant women, infants, elderly and sick people, including special procedures in the case of unaccompanied children and adolescents.

The United Nations System calls upon the State authorities implementing the decisions taken by the National Migration Council to suspend actions violating or threatening the human rights of the Haitian population and reestablish respect for human dignity in the application of its migration and security policies. 

The United Nations System reiterates its strong willingness to support the Dominican State in establishing measures to address irregular migration and security in line with international human rights standards, especially for women, children and adolescents, while fostering good relations between the two countries.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities