IOM and Ministry of Education in Dominica launch Creative Competition to Raise Awareness on Migration Issues.

IOM and Ministry of Education in Dominica launch Creative Competition to Raise Awareness on Migration Issues.

Roseau, Wednesday, 16 February 2022.   Migration affects almost every aspect of life in Dominica, the Caribbean and the wider world, and people who migrate through the approved processes, often become make outstanding contributions to their new home societies and economies, and to their home countries.   That is the message behind the MIGRATION MATTERS Creative Competition being launched today by the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training & National Excellence in collaboration with the United Nations’ Migration Agency, IOM. 

The MIGRATION MATTERS Creative Competition includes three categories, targeting primary level students from 7-12 years old, secondary students in Forms 1-3, and 4th and 5th form students.  Meritta Hyacinth, Education Officer, Social Sciences, from the Ministry of Education explains: 

“The Ministry of Education, Curriculum and Measurement Unit is partnering with IOM to bring across the theme of MIGRATION, which relates to many topics in the Social Sciences curriculum.  Students will come to understand that the Caribbean is a migratory society, throughout our history and in present times.   Migration connects with several topics, including the early settlers, slavery, and the reasons why in the present day, people move across the region.  This competition will further highlight this theme, and allow students to present their creativity.” 

Students at the primary level, ages 7-12, will participate in a Drawing Competition on the theme of The Impact of Migration on the Family.  Secondary school students in Forms 1-3 will take part in a Creative Presentation Competition on Outstanding Migrants making contributions to their country or community, with options to submit short videos (60 seconds to 5 minutes long), voiced audio pieces (including song, poetry, short stories, or radio/podcast episodes), or digital presentations slides (maximum of 15 slides).  Form 4 and 5 students will have the opportunity to submit essays based on one of three past CXC examination questions exploring the factors and circumstances that motivate people to relocate, and, the consequences of migration in the Caribbean. 

“This competition is a continuation of our partnership with IOM in the recent Global Migration Film Festival and extends the opportunity for students to examine real life migration experiences, while vying for FIVE prizes of EC$500 each!   The Ministry of Education is very happy for the collaboration with IOM.” 

The MIGRATION MATTERS Creative Competition is supported with funding from the IOM Development Fund (IDF), under a capacity-building initiative to enhance the Border Management Capacity of the Government of Dominica.    

Migration has been part of the human experience throughout history, as a source of prosperity, innovation and sustainable development.  These positive impacts can be optimized by improving migration governance.  Most migrants today travel, live and work in a safe, orderly and regular manner.  Nonetheless, migration undeniably affects countries, communities, migrants, and their families in very different and sometimes unpredictable ways.  Examining these can help to bring a common understanding of shared responsibilities, and a unity of purpose to make migration work for all.  IOM embraces the partnership with the Ministry of Education, bringing the MIGRATION MATTERS theme to Dominican students, and encourages all students, 7+ years, to participate; do the research, be creative, and contribute to bringing the challenges and opportunities of migration to light.   

The deadline for entries is 8 March 2022.   More information is available from the Ministry of Education via, or from IOM Dominica on Facebook or Instagram