Qué es una crisis migratoria y cómo atenderla integralmente

A migration crisis is short for “crisis with migration dimensions”. A migration crisis can generate population movements within or outside the borders of a country. This may occur suddenly or gradually, and is affected by migratory movements prior to the crisis, as well as changes in subsequent migration patterns. The term migration crisis describes complex and generally large-scale migration flows, as well as the mobility patterns caused by a crisis that often lead to considerable vulnerabilities for affected people and communities, and pose serious migration management challenges in the longer term.

The Migrant Population in Risk Reduction and Emergency Assistance in Central America

This study analyzes the disaster risk reduction instruments of the Central American countries classified in: laws, regulations and decrees (of a binding nature), policies and plans (of a programmatic and strategic nature); and finally manuals, guides and protocols (of an operational nature), based on the information available and made public, in order to determine the extent to which the migrant population is being included in these national agendas.