Migrants are strong, resilient, compassionate but also CREATIVE people. Hundreds of Youtubers tell their stories in their host countries through creative videos or they quite simply show their best side, their culture and the bonds created with their audience. Their videos inspire a general speech to combat xenophobia and discrimination.

For this reason, the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) would like to invite you to take part in our initiative called #Iamamigrant Challenge to combat negative speeches against migrants. IOM is looking for migrant Youtubers to co-create a video by channeling their creativity where they share/tell their stories of migration. Whether it is for studies, work, change of residence or forced migration, the video will help to deliver an effective message against xenophobia and discrimination. This is an opportunity for the Youtubers to send a message that foster a positive attitude towards migrants.

Join the chanllenge! 

*The views and opinions expressed by the youtubers participating  in the I'm a Migrant Challenge do not necessarily reflect the official position of the International Organization for Migration.