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How to gender mainstream migration policies

At each stage of a person's migration process, whether at the destination, transit, origin or return, they are likely to be treated differently acc

How do Stereotypes Harm Migrant Women?

Stereotypes exist in all societies. They may seem harmless, but they can actually cause real damage to the lives of the people that they target.

How do migrants contribute to society?
How do migrants contribute to society?

Phyllisia Ross, Isabel Allende, Rodney Wallace. Three migrants making creative and inspiring contributions to their communities.

LGBTI victims of human trafficking
LGBTQI+ victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking can take many forms and encompasses a wide variety of victims; however, the sexuality and gender of said victim is usually to be

Seeking social cohesion between host communities and migrants
Seeking social cohesion between host communities and migrants

Inclusion and social cohesion are factors that work together when it comes to the healthy integration of migrants in host communities and implies t

Regional Knowledge Hub on Migration

The Regional Knowledge Hub on Migration is a platform that allows easy access to relevant and useful information on human mobility in the region of Central America, North America and the Caribbean.

This Hub offers valuable insights from IOM's lengthy experience in fieldwork, supporting states and migrants in overcoming the challenges of the region and providing opportunities for development. The goal of this Hub is to share this knowledge and create a community that actively contributes to a better management of human mobility.

I am a migrant

A platform for humanizing migrants’ stories in their own words.