Assisted voluntary return and reintegration is an essential part of the comprehensive focus of migration management. Its objective is to achieve an orderly return and reintegration process in humane conditions for migrants who can not or do not wish to remain in their destination country and who wish to voluntarily return to their country of origin. Proper implementation of these programs requires participation of and cooperation between a broad spectrum of actors, including the migrants themselves, civil society organizations, and the governments of both the destination country and the country of origin. The alliances between the IOM and diverse national and international stakeholders are essential to the effective implementation of said programs, from the pre-return phase through the reintegration phase.

For migrants who must return to their country of origin yet lack the means to do so, the IOM’s assisted voluntary return and reintegration programs are the only solution to their immediate situation. The IOM provides assistance to rejected asylum applicants, stranded migrants, victims of trafficking, and other vulnerable groups, including unaccompanied underage migrants and migrants with health needs.

As part of IOM’s fundamental task, the activities related to assisted voluntary return and reintegration offer essential assistance every year to thousands of migrants who return to their country of origin. Thanks to our experience and our worldwide network of offices and partners, these IOM programs promote international dialogue and cooperation between destination countries and countries of origin regarding matters related to migration management.