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How to Strengthen the Protection of Migrant Workers in the Americas?

The new dynamics of migration in the Americas are closely linked to the search of new opportunities of employment and income generation.

Why does vulnerability to human trafficking increase in disaster situations?

The increase of human trafficking in emergency contexts has repeatedly been demonstrated and detected worldwide. In Nepal, the 2015 earthquake, which affected two-thir...

With Public and Private Sectors at Odds, Traffickers Win

The world’s workforce has never been more mobile - from the gardener in California to the banker in Singapore. Whether it’s the dishwasher in Rome or the designer in London, we recognize human ambi...

Conferencia Regional sobre Migración

Is an Intergovernmental forum, established in 1996 to support the dialogue on migratory issues and the exchange of ideas and experiences for joint reflection and cooperation on the matter. Official site

Plataforma de Aprendizaje sobre Migraciones - PAM

En esta sección encontrará una serie de audios, videos, cursos y manuales de información y formación sobre migración desarrollados por la OIM. ¡Bienvenid@ a la plataforma regional de aprendizaje de OIM!

Caribbean Migration Consultations

The CPMG is an online platform supporting the Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC), providing updated resources in migration-related fields and serving as a hub for members to exchange new ideas and best practices contributing to the improvement of migration governance in the region. Official Site