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Joki and Bevelyn alongside their disabled brother and parents are the sole family living on the tiny island of Huene. Originally linked to a nearby island, the island has been slowly shrinking over the years making it increasingly difficult to grow crops. It is likely that Joki and Bevelyn will be the last generation to live on the island. Photos: IOM 2016 / Muse Mohammed
Migration Governance: An adaptation strategy for Climate Change

Although the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change points that Parties have common but differentiated responsibi...

How to cover Migration on Media? 7 recommendations for Journalists

According to the World Migration Report 2018, media, in all its forms, plays a significant role in the framing of policy discourses that affect how p...

Migrants´ Perspective: Migration Journeys and decision-making
Migrants' Perspective: Migration Journeys and decision-making

How do migrants value migration options? How do they decide where to migrate, how to migrate, a possible return, or even not to migrate?

Migration and development: A symbiotic relationship

Do immigrants work competitively or do they take away jobs from nationals? Do they contribute to the economy or saturate services? Evaluations about the impact of migrants in another country, espec...


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